Feb. 15th, 2017

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infj-fish:Yeah um I already played out this confrontation like 10 times in my head so if you could...
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yusterday:I identify w tinkerbell a lot because she needs attention or she dies and that’s pretty...
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itsonlyfi: when ur 25 but people keep calling you 6 bc u were born on a leap day
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wilwheaton: oldsouldier: jadelyn: bigbardafree: being mentally ill is just being fed up with your...
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mysticben:why are there so many days?? i feel like we just had a whole day yesterday… they don’t...
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Scanner’s down, so here’s Teen Comix #1

The origin of a meme.

Like here’s the actual first.

And only 440 notes.


Feb. 15th, 2017 08:01 am
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kant: turns out i’m dumb as shit
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ruinedchildhood: When you get an answer wrong in class but answered with SO much  confidence
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pdsophie: me: *suddenly has tears running down cheeks* ppl: …….are u ok??? me: yeah this just kind...
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heartfloats: heartfloats: U kno in Max and Ruby whenever max does something mischievous he makes...
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