Apr. 4th, 2017

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We deserve this punishment. (via whack_)
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edolce: how can u marathon ghibli movies… theyre special. theyre luxuries.. u have to space them...
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Trump has spent eight consecutive weekends away from the White House at his own properties, CNN reported Sunday, marking his 13th visit to one of his golf courses since taking office. Read more (3/27/17 10:40 AM)

This bitch fully thinks being president is a M-F / 9-5 job. I’m done

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ironinkpen: suggesting “kill them” as punishment for an extremely disproportionate crime  (”he...
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brownmuva: sumayyahs: what ages were ur guys ‘’ugly stage’’ birth to present
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leyorio: nautilus-shell: leyorio: how to draw hand Place hand on paper and outline with a...
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beyoncebeytwice: recentgooglesearches: what does it mean when a guy says hi to you  he’s lying
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This is the most heteronormative thing I’ve ever seen in my life…………

Why are straight people like this

So…. which is which……

i can’t stop laughing thinking about how opaque and incomprehensible this would be if u encountered it while dissociating

my autistic ass: heads on into the Quiet Door praying for peace

Guys this is really obvious??
Blablablabla is for those who enjoy a chat in the bathroom. You know, those that will yell in the stall “DOES ANYONE HAVE PAPER??”, talk in the line to the bathroom about the line in the bathroom, explain to you there isnt soap and the only sinks that work are 1 and 3, that when urinating will just casually talk about the weather.
Bla is for those who just rather shake themselves if there isnt toilet paper, who rather discover for themselves where there isn’t soap and complain in their heads that the line is taking too fucking damn long.
tl;dr it is separeted by socially outgoing and socially shy!

The only two genders: introverts and extroverts
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wattpadfic: teacher: here’s ur topic me: oh jeez i hate that topic teacher: pick your own topic me:...
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One of Ivanka Trumps neighbors pulled out her fur and poured some wine to watch the protesters in front of Ivankas house.

Wow me
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This truck got no business being that thicc

I shrieked

Ya Honda is in the shop and this is your rental car

What you do?

if she a 4x4 im a 4x4 😍

Who is she and what kind of mileage that she get
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apocketuniverse: me on monday: its going to be different this week!!! i wont get discouraged by...
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