Apr. 30th, 2017

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kumateddi: Person: What do you and your friends talk about online
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problackgirl: Me: *wants to talk to you* Me: *has nothing to say*
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real ice eater memes


lov the cronch

my naym is Pidg
and wen its cold
and all the drips
to rouftops hold
i sit up hygh
i hav my lonch -

i chomps the ice.

i lov the cronch.
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retrodaphneblake: me: I’ve never been affected by any sad part in a movie or tv show *Shaggy &...
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flowury: lambpost: flowury: nothing felt as good as paying off your mortgage in animal crossing....
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neliah: cattedrali: Honestly I don’t understand how extroverted people even exist??? Going 23 diff...
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