Jun. 26th, 2017

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hugerez: me this morning: today’s the day i Get Stuff Done! by 9 pm:
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fyeahpokemoncreepypasta: atrius97: gudroo: ask-oncies-jizz: ask-oncies-jizz: remember the...
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What an exceptional woman she is!



Apo Whang-Od has been training her niece, Grace Palicas, so don’t worry she definitely isn’t going to be the last batok artist.
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seeingteacupsindragons: You know what we need more of? Beginner’s classes for adults. It’s...
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His face makes the joke worth it
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memeufacturing: designer: lets attach adhesive for people to seal the envelopeweird gary: no lets...
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keuppy: suspend: i want kids but im scared they’ll blame me if theyre ugly Adopt? Then they...
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avipsyche: just watched a kid yell “GOD MODE” as his kickboard shot up from underwater and hit his...
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“Before and after I told her she was a good girl”
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